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3D printed microTEC is the market leader for 3D printed microstructures and packaging of 3D microsystems for industrial applications. We utilize a proprietary additive manufacturing technology to produce large volumes of the most precise 3D structures in the market today. We are the exclusive partner of microTEC Gesellschaft fuer Mikrotechnologie mbH, the global 3D printing company head-quartered in Germany since 1996.

3D printed microTEC will exhibit at the MEMS Manufacturing 2018 Conference and Exhibition

The 3rd annual MEMS Manufacturing Conference and Exhibition 2018 takes place August 1-2, 2018 in Santa Clara, California USA. Come and visit us at our booth #15!

3D printed microstructures

We provide the full bandwidth of services from custom product development to mass volume production for our customers' needs.

3D microsystems with 3D chip-size-packaging

Unique 3D printing service technology allows a direct ramp up from prototyping to medium and mass volume production.

We realize your product ideas

Your idea becomes a 3D CAD model


With a strong focus on miniaturization and cost efficiency for mass volume  production, we develop your product idea into a 3D CAD model 

3D wiring with PVD


We coat or wire your packaging with various metal stacks in 3D dimensions, in parallel and with high precision, using physical vapor deposition (PVD).


We develop your chip packaging

For your 3D microsystems with active and passive components, we specialize in system integration and module building blocks to simulate and create your packaging.

Mass volume production @ low cost

With our unique parallel batch processing approach on substrates up to 14", we deliver high precision at competitive prices.


3D printed microstructures and microsystems


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